Insurance for short stay international drivers

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Need car insurance for a short while?

International drivers with full licences can drive in the UK so long as they are covered to drive by an appropriate insurance policy. The only time this will not be required is when renting a vehicle from a car hire company. In these circumstances, the car hire company will provide insurance within the cost of the vehicle. There are a number of scenario's where a short term insurance policy will allow a short stay international driver to get on the road safely and legally.

Do you want to insure a car you don't own?

Would you like to share the driving with someone on a long journey?

Would you like to be able to drive at short notice, if required?

Who is eligible?
Any driver with a full international licence is eligible to apply. There are a few criteria which need to be met. These are fairly straightforward and are as follows:

Must be eligible to drive in the UK, on their own licence. Provisional licences are not accepted

Must meet the age requirements - over 18 and under 75 years

Must have held their licence, issued in their own country for at least one year

Short Term Motor Insurance Policies
These are the perfect solution to get motoring. Often, short stay drivers in the UK are looking to drive vehicles which don't belong to them. A good example of this would be someone in the UK, visiting relatives or friends, and hoping to use their vehicle to get around. It's fine to do this, but the problem comes when trying to get insurance. There are very few UK insurers who will be happy to add an International, non-resident driver onto a domestic policy. Those who are prepared to do so normally make it an uneconomical option. A short term insurance policy offers the following benefits:

Get a quote in under a minute

Cover available instantly - downloadable documents

Comprehensive UK cover available

Third Party EU cover included

Drivers aged 18 - 75 are welcome to apply

The vast majority of popular cars are covered

Immediate cover available in an emergency

Take over driving at short notice

Buy online instantly - no need for long phone calls

So, these policies cover most eventualities, are available very quickly indeed, and are designed to get you on the road with the minimum of time and fuss.

One major benefit is that driver's choosing these policies only pay for the time they want to drive. Policies are available from 1 to 28 days, so if it is planned to only drive for 1 or 2 days, then that's all you pay for. The policies are very cost-effective, especially compared with other options.

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